Lateral Filing Cabinet
  • Lateral 2 Drw
    Lateral 2 Drw
  • Lateral 3 Drw
    Lateral 3 Drw
  • Lateral 4 Drw
    Lateral 4 Drw

Lateral Filing Cabinet

The Lateral Filing Cabinet can make a real difference to the overall operation of your office,  the Lateral metal filing cabinets are lockable and AFRDI certified. This filing cabinets have been created specifically for commercial use and are ideal for high volume storage where floor storage space is restricted. Features Anti tilt mechanism, prevents more than one drawer opening at a time. This Filing drawers accept foolscap suspension files.

• 10 year warranty
• Choose from 2, 3 or 4 drawer cabinets
• Australian barrel cam locking mechanism for increased security
• Accepts foolscap suspension files
• AFRDI Certified

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