Airbus – NSW

Airbus Group Australia Pacific is one of the leading military defence contractors in the country. Along with providing sales and service to Airbus helicopters, it also provides full maintenance and servicing for fixed wing aircraft such as the Hercules fleet.

‘COS® was offered an opportunity to work on the Richmond RAAF base. The project’s challenge was the site’s limited area to fit the required workstations and meet Australian Standards for egress. After several variations to design, the costs were controlled using a combination of custom designed ducted screens and flat pack desking and storage. This required stringent project management, as the two separate teams of installers needed to work together to achieve the goal.

The end result was a tailored solution that met very stringent power and data requirements, as well as providing the flexibility for future reconfigurations. After smoothly executing the initial project, ‘COS® has rolled out several other projects in the same building.