Brisbane Catholic Education

Embracing new ways of working encourages a creative and supportive working environment.

The COS Working Spaces team recently had the pleasure of working on a refit of an existing office of Brisbane Catholic Education, an organisation committed to high quality teaching and learning for more than 70,000 young people enrolled in their schools and colleges.

The office in question housed a prototype area intended to encourage staff members to collaborate and participate in open and honest communication, while providing privacy to engage in these discussions. A specialised room such as this requires a specific and unique solution.

We created a flexible, supportive working environment by sourcing a range of high back modular lounges, providing privacy and contemplation and a space for quiet collaboration. The lounges were paired with easy-to-maneuver modular ottomans allowing for optimum use of space, while strategically placed tables help to encourage free-flowing conversation and creativity.

The end result was a space where staff could truly engage in new ways of working, taking business outside of the traditional work space of desks and formal meeting rooms and providing them with flexibility and control over the style of meeting, whether it be formal, informal or simply a comfortable space for retreat.