St Vincents College

A small working space doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style!

Recently the COS Working Spaces team had the opportunity to fit-out a small space in St Vincent’s College, a Catholic secondary boarding school for girls in Potts Point, Sydney. This historic building is the oldest registered girl’s school in Australia.

The college is a unique mix of heritage listed buildings and more modern architecture.

Our area of focus was a connected, historic three story terrace owned by the college.

COS Working Spaces was asked to provide a solution for a room that would be used for small presentation nights, and later as a collaborative space for future planning think tanks.

The project called for a mix of flexibility and fun, while keeping the history and traditional architecture of the building and surrounds in mind.

Several layout plans were looked at, modified and tweaked before we reached our final solution, a combination of casual, organic style break out and collaboration furniture.

By combining a selection of pebble ottomans in a variety of sizes we were able to maximise space and versatility, due to their ability to be easily re-positioned for different arrangements.

Bold, primary colours and timber bases on meeting room chairs lent some warmth to the room.

We were able to deliver a fun, aesthetically pleasing, highly functional space that can be easily rearranged in myriad ways to suit the needs of the college.